{ girl power: rathi from the feng shui vaastu shop, bangalore }

have you ever wondered about the people behind tarot cards, crystal balls and numerology? are they different? are they specially gifted? can they actually look into your future and help you understand what lies ahead?

well today’s edition of girl power is here to answer some of your questions!

who is she?


rathi from the feng shui vaastu shop in bangalore has followed in her parents footsteps to explore the world of divination and spirituality. at age 8, when most of us were playing in dirt, rathi was already practicing reiki and at 14, she was already a professional tarot card reader.

i must confess that i’ve known of rathi practically all my life because we went to the same school. but never did i once hear of this side of her, ever! today, rathi runs the show and is the preferred spiritual guru to tons of people in bangalore. be it feng shui, vedic vaastu, tarot readings, yoga, reiki, nature base techniques or meditation, rathi is the person you need to meet!

what she does

there is way too much that rathi does to fit into one one tiny blog post, but i’m going to try my best. what she does is very specific and i don’t want to make any mistakes so let’s hear it from the master herself – “unlike other fields, spiritual consultation and counselling is primarily a humble, people oriented, altruistic field. it’s less of business and more of being there like family. i also provide lifelong free support and follow up to all my spiritual students and clients.”


rathi has got herself the best of both worlds, mainstream education in the field of psychology and several diplomas and certifications in the world of feng shui, vaastu, yoga, reiki and so on.

and how does bangalore react to her alternative business model, fabulously according to rathi. she says, “my motive is altruistic, both in terms of spirituality and counselling. people come to me with problems, in crisis or just seeking guidance. i have clients ranging from vendors, teachers, doctors, housewives, auto drivers, politicians, mysore royal family lineage, businessmen, tourists from other countries, builders, other vaastu experts, financers, CEOs, artistes and every other background possible.”


in a city that is becoming overly commercialised, people have been seeking out genuine practitioners who aim to be an influential part of their life in the spiritual sense. the name ‘feng shui vaastu shop’ was coined for practical reasons as rathi wanted interested folk to be able to find her business with ease and understand what she dealt in right off the bat. she also deals in over 500 imported and local spiritually energised objects like dreamcatchers, powerful stones, beads and objects that will improve and increase the positive energy in your life and home.

unnamed (1)

her advice to all you ladies who want to start your own business is – “i firmly believe that women of any background should stand on their own feet and be independent. it gives you purpose, a stronger identity, strength, confidence and exposure. you will have something greater to live for.”

DSC_0244 (2)

you can get in touch with rathi for spiritual services and counselling on her facebook page, website or on linkedin


2 thoughts on “{ girl power: rathi from the feng shui vaastu shop, bangalore }

  1. Mohan Kumar.S says:

    I do like to read about spiritual as well feng shui writings. So once I came across “Feng Shui Vaastu Shop” page in Facebook & started to follow it.
    Liked most of the posts published by the admin – Dr.Rathi and got the chance to meet Dr.Rathi & her family on many occasions..
    With my experience with feng shui vaastu shop and her counseling sessions, I have to say “Dr.Rathi is the best in her ways and carries down to earth personality”. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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